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Mass Disasters

    • In cases of mass disaster, the doctor must conduct autopsy on whatever fragments are available


  • Commorientes
  • The term ‘commorientes’ refers to two or more people dying simultaneously or in circumstances rendering it uncertain which of them survived the other or others


    • A legal case of property inheritance where ‘commorientes’ is important
      • if a wealthy childless couple, having not written their will, were travelling in a plane and it crashed, it would be important to know who died first. If the wife died first, the husband would have legally deemed to have passed on his wealth to his immediate relatives (such as his own brothers).
      • But if he died first, his wife would be legally deemed to have acquired all his wealth just after his death. In that case the wealth would pass on to her relatives (e.g. her brothers).
  • According to Section 21 of “The Hindu ¬†Succession Act, 1956″,, if several close relatives die in a mass disaster, without having written a valid will, and the question is of inheritance and succession to property, the rule that is followed is Younger survived the elder , i.e. the younger person died later than the elder.
  • Identification in a case of mass disaster can be achieved by:


  • Appearance
  • Fingerprints
  • Dental data