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Genetic Code

Genetic Code

Genetic Codon features


  • Unambiguous


      • Each codon specifies only 1 amino acid.


  • Degenerate/ redundant


      • Most amino acids are coded by multiple codons.
      • Exceptions: methionine and tryptophan encoded by only 1 codon (AUG and UGG, respectively).


  • Commaless, nonoverlapping


      • Read from a fixed starting point as a continuous sequence of bases.
      • Exceptions: some viruses.


  • Universal


    • Genetic code is conserved throughout evolution.
    • Exception in humans: mitochondria.

Exam MCQ

Which one statement is true about the genetic code?

  1. The genetic code table lists tRNA sequences.
    B. Every protein starts with a Pro amino acid.
    C. Each amino acid is encoded by exactly one codon.
  2. Only three codons have no matching anticodons.
  3. The genetic code table lists anticodon sequences.

Ans D

Exam MCQ

Which of the following is not a property of gentic Code

A   Non overlapping

B  Almost Universal

C  Four Stop Codons

D  Redundant

Ans C