1. For which Medical school exam or Medical Licensing exams, will these Video Lectures help.
These video lectures are Chapter wise, Topic wise organized. The basic concepts are same for whichever the exam that a medical student approaches .The Medical universities and Licensing exams differ only in the style of Multiple Choice Questions and proportion of High yield Topics. Once the fundamentals in the subject are strong, one can relate to any exam pattern successfully.

2. My medical school has integrated problem solving course . In first year of Medical school itself, we are given projects that bridge Neuroanatomy with Clinical Neurology and Cardiovascular physiology with Clinical Cardiology. Will this Video Library of Lectures help.
Definitely. The main purpose of organizing the Lectures topic wise in www.anatomy2medicine.com is to bring that mapping between clinical medicine and basic sciences . The student has medical knowledge served as academic buffet , so that he can adopt this for revision of concepts in any order in accordance with medical school curriculum

3. What is the meaning of Version 1, Version 2, Version 3, Version 4 etc labeled in the Videos.
All these lectures are Live broadcasted and Video shot in a Live classroom with hindered of Medical students in front of the teacher. The same topic is discussed in various batches across years. Everytime there is different angle to explanation. Hence the Lectures on same topic are labeled as different versions numbering in chronologic order of older classes to newer classes on timeline.

4. There are Videos labeled MCQ Lectures. What do they mean?
MCQ Lectures are based on a set of Multiple choice questions of a particular topic .If the medical student what to revise the medical subjects and topics with a set of questions and explanations, the MCQ lectures help.

5. Are you going to develop and host Video Lectures specific in USMLE Orientation
USMLE exam is specific by virtue of Clinical Vignette based MCQ Frame. However the basic medical concepts needed to answer the MCQs is same. We are in the process of developing USMLE specific Q-sessions where USMLE pattern Questions are discussed and Video discussions will be hosted.

6. Are you going to add new medical lectures in future?
We are dedicated in the cause of medical education and healthcare knowledge resource development. Every day, new lectures are added across the year. The newly added Lecture list is sent as a Newsletter to all enrolled members.

7. If I get academic doubts , while viewing Medical lectures on www.anatomy2medicine.com , how can I get them clarified.
Every video lecture is like a wordpress post. You can write about your doubt on the same Video page in the Question Answers and Comment box. We will be delighted to help you within 48 hours by answering into the post.

8. Why most of Medical Lectures are by Dr Murali Bharadwaz MD.
Dr Murali Bharadwaz is one of the World’s best Medical Teachers teaching medical students for past 20 years, right from his medical school days. He is a prolific writer and frames many MCQs and conducts regular medical education workshops. One question on which Dr Murali Bhardwaz focuses in his entire pedagogy is “How can we make neonatal inquisitive, enthusiastic mind of medical student to assimilate the complex concepts of medical school that can be internalized only after a lot of clinical experience. “Though , 72 Medical teachers team regularly teach various subjects , the video lectures of Dr Murali Bharadwaz are most sought after which remain interesting for a playback.