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Law in Relation to Medical Men Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics and Law Law which is laid down by the Judges by their judgements is Common law The law of torts is created by Courts of law(MCQ) Cr.P.C. is main law which deals with procedures to be followed in a criminal case   Consumer redressal forum   A district consumer redressal forum can entertain […]


Introduction and Legal Procedure

Medical Jurisprudence deals with Legal responsibilities of the physician with reference to physician-patient relationship (MCQ) Medical ethics : Moral principles which should guide members of the medical profession in their dealings with each other, with their patients, and with their State would are grouped as Medical ethics Examples of good ethical behavior not criticizing the […]

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Chromatin structure

  Chromatin structure   DNA exists in the condensed, chromatin form in order to fit into the nucleus. Negatively charged DNA loops twice around positively charged histone octamer to form nucleosome “bead.” Histones are rich in the amino acids lysine and arginine. H1 binds to the nucleosome and to “linker DNA,” thereby stabilizing the chromatin […]

neet pg preparation

Once Upon a Time During NEETPG Preparation

The story of Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examination NEETPG Preparation is a saga of Hardships, despair, cutthroat competition. 140000 Doctors compete for winning 20000 MD/MS PG Seats. This is the story of every DOCTOR across India. This is the story of every DOCTOR across India.



Abetalipoproteinemia Autosomal-recessive deficiency in apoB-100 ,apoB-48 apoB-100 (binds LDL receptor; mediates VLDL secretion) apoB-48 (mediates chylomicron secretion) They can’t synthesize lipoproteins.   Sx appear in 1st months of life: FTT, steatorrhea   acanthocytosis (= RBC with spikes, “spur cells,” membrane lipids messed up = puckered / spiky membrane)   ataxia night blindness apoB-48 (mediates chylomicron […]



Heme metabolism Heme consists of a porphyrin ring coordinated with iron found mainly in hemoglobin it is also present in myoglobin and the cytochromes. Heme synthesis In the first step of heme synthesis, glycine and succinyl coenzyme A (CoA) condense to form delta-aminolevulinic acid (d-ALA).   Enzyme :delta-aminolevulinic acid synthase   Pyridoxal phosphate is the […]



Metabolism of fructose. The major dietary source of fructose is the disaccharide sucrose in table sugar and fruit,. Conversion of fructose to glycolytic intermediates Fructose is metabolized mainly in the liver it is converted to pyruvate or, under fasting conditions, to glucose. Fructose is phosphorylated by ATP to form fructose-1-phosphate. The enzyme is fructokinase.   […]

ketone bodies

Ketone bodies

  Ketone body synthesis and utilization   Synthesis of ketone bodies occurs in liver mitochondria occurs when fatty acids are in high concentration in the blood (during fasting, starvation, or as a result of a high-fat diet). How is Acetyl CoA accumulated during starvation beta-Oxidation produces NADH and ATP and results in the accumulation of […]

glycogenolysis steps


  Glycogen degradation   Action of glycogen phosphorylase the key regulatory enzyme for glycogen degradation removes glucose residues, one at a time, from the nonreducing ends of glycogen molecules. Glycogen phosphorylase   Phosphorylase uses Pi to cleave a-1,4 bonds, producing glucose 1-phosphate.   Phosphorylase can continue to hydrolyze a-1,4 linkages until it reaches a point […]