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General Psychiatry

  Illusion vs Hallucination vs Dereism Illusion :   False perception without any external stimulus, Inaccurate perception. Misinterpretations of sensory impression. A disorder of ideation. It is different to hallucinations, as hallucinations have no source of stimuli. If an illusion becomes fixed, it is said to be a delusion.   Hallucination.   A false perception, […]

mood disorders

Mood Disorders

Emil Kraeplin    for the first time, described Manic-DepressivePsychosis: Depressed mood is characterized by   Loss of energy and interest Difficulty in concentrating Thoughts of suicide   Flight of Ideas. Rapid continuous verbalizations producing constant shift from one idea to another; ideas tend to be connected, usually seen in mania. Depression could be the manifestation of […]



Eugen Bleuler coined the term Schizophrenia: According to Bleuler, the primary symptoms of Schizophrenia include   Ambivalence Affective Flattening Associations’ loosening   Ambivalence. Co-existence of two opposing impulse toward the same thing in the same person at the same time. Flat Affect. Absence or near absence of any signs of affective expression; voice remains monotonous, […]

Postmortem Changes and Time Since Death

Postmortem Changes and Time Since Death

Postmortem staining : synonyms (MCQ) Suggilation ,postmortem hypostasis ,subcutaneous hypostasis  ,livor mortis ,cadaveric lividity ,darkening of death.   Vibices ,Postmortem ecchymoses ,Death spots MCQ) tiny, spot-like, oval-to-round, bluish black hemorrhages of postmortem origin   These form because of postmortem mechanical rupture of subcutaneous capillaries and smaller vessels— predominantly veins After death, blood pools up in […]

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Pathophysiology of Death

Forensic thanatology deals with Medico legal study of death   Test of circulation   Magnus test Icard’s test Diaphanous test   Magnus test (outdated test) (Still asked as MCQ) detects the stoppage of circulation   The test consisted of tying a string around one of the fingers of the supposedly dead man. Test procedure The […]



  Exhumation (MCQ) It is done in the presence of a police officer   It is done under the supervision of a medical officer It can be done after a written order from a District Magistrate Reasons for exhumation is done (MCQ)   For establishing the identity of the deceased   To reestablish the cause […]

Examination of Decomposed and Mutilated Bodies

Examination of Decomposed and Mutilated Bodies

If a decomposed body has been brought by the police, which has earth and clothes stuck to it, with lots of maggots crawling around, pathologist should put the body in cold room and come back next day to dissect, so that all maggots crawl away (MCQ) If the police brings only the peeled off skin […]

Medicolegal Autopsy

Medicolegal Autopsy

The object of conducting a medicolegal autopsy is to find out: cause of death time since death manner of death Shape of incisions  employed during a medicolegal autopsy Y-shaped Modified Y-shaped I-shaped The actual dissection of the body during medicolegal autopsy should be carried out by forensic pathologist himself Essential pre-requisites to carry out a […]

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Mass Disasters

In cases of mass disaster, the doctor must conduct autopsy on whatever fragments are available   Commorientes The term ‘commorientes’ refers to two or more people dying simultaneously or in circumstances rendering it uncertain which of them survived the other or others   A legal case of property inheritance where ‘commorientes’ is important if a […]

Personal Identity

Bertillonage The first modern system of criminal identification was Bertillonage Bertillonage is a system for the identification of criminals making use of anthropometric measurements — including head size, arm span, scars, distinguishing features and the like. “Davidson body is an indicator of: Sex   Chilotic line   It is present on the hipbone  (MCQ) is […]