God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference

First year Medical school preparation is very hectic. Don’t worry they are growing pains that you will overcome.

As a Medical student for anyone, to understand the lexicon od medical education is humungous task in first year. Organize the information as flow charts, mind maps, check lists for exam. Every fact in basic sciences has a bearing in clinical medicine. Unless you understand cardiac cycle, it become difficult to appreciate murmurs. The anatomy dissection of Lung has a bearing ultimately on auscultation of chest in examining a pneumonia patient in the wards and Radiologic interpretation of CT and MRI pictures in Radiology. Hence learning should be taken with end in mind with ultimate clinical objective.

Ward rounds in Second year medical school are War rounds

“He who studies medicine without books sails an uncharted sea, but he who studies medicine without patients does not go to sea at all.” Rightly quoted by William Osler .With the advent of www.anatomy2medicine.com , you need not even read the books , you can review relavant topic Video on www.anatomy2medicine.com relating to patients diagnosis , and go to wards with confidence . For example , you have a Multiple sclerosis patient admitted in the ward , review Multiple sclerosis lecture in Video Library in Medicine and approach the patient with confidence . Then you come back and read the same topic in Internal Medicine textbook , it makes the process more meaningful. Hence the pledge to wards everyday is “ 1 Video Lecture on www.anatomy2medicine.com , 1 patient examination in the ward , 1 topic review in textbook everyday.”

Supplement the Video lectures on www.anatomy2medicine.com to Face to Face classes in Medical school and Hospital ward rounds

It is difficult to bring medical teacher every moment to your desktop .80% of medical students attend classroom teaching in medical school without prior preparation . Majority of medical schools world wide have difficulty in arranging highly proactive medical teachers in all subjects in every medical school . The 1200 hour medical Video Library on 3000+ medical school topics at www.anatomy2medicine.com is a encyclopedic reserve of medical knowledge that supplements the classroom teaching  .

Retention but just not reading  is the Key to survive medical school exams .

Medical school Curriculum is an ocean of facts. The idea is not to destroy the beautiful brain given by God with cramming multitude of trivial facts. Every medical school exams have objectives to test a medical student. Hence always review previous exam papers and identify examiners expectations on medical student . The fancy word for those examiner’s expectations are called “High yield Topics”. So decide What to read first and then How to read and finally How to retain and reproduce the knowledge in medical school exams.

Contribute while preparing for Medical exams

Just reading is not enough . “If you can‘t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – said Albert Einstein . Make you medical school classmate become your audience. Explain whatever the concepts you studied, like, Diuretics – Mechanism of action, Nephron physiology etc to your friends. Make selfie videos and host on Youtube.com. Frame MCQs on the concepts. Participate in discussion boards and debate with your buddies . Surviving Medical school exam is a team effort and making team is easy with Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and all social media

Patient is your best Medical teacher . Listen to his story .

Nothing is more rewarding experience in learning than to listening to patient’s story of the chronologic progression of illness. For example, description of Rheumatoid arthritis evolution  in patients words, description of paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea in patient’s words . One patient story heard is equal to what you understand description in medical books after reading ten times!!!

Some forgettable facts and Some unforgettable facts and Some facts not worth given attention in Medical subjects

What is the anatomical vertebral level of  tracheal bifurcation is helpful and unforgettable fact because when you order check Radiograph after endotracheal intubation. What is mean duration of second stage of labour is helpful and unforgettable fact useful to manage patients in labour room. What is the length of ureter and spinal cord is forgettable fact meant to be remembered only until you clear exams. There are many more numerical and anatomical facts, dosages in pharmacology that are not worth remembering even for exam .