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I was a very average medical student, I had a very poor confidence in General Medicine. My basics in pharmacology were very poor. I joined the classes at uMedico Chennai centre and from the first day onwards the faculty at uMedico classes had set up an atmosphere where i felt very motivated and inspired.Video lectures supplemented the Face to Face Tutorials , extremely well.
Dr Rakesh Gupta, Chennai

The person I need to thank the most is Dr Rajeswari Mam at uMedico classes. She changed the way I looked at Pathology, all my concept and confidence in the subject came from her. Back when I finished my Final year MBBS, many students were in a dilemma about which NEETPG Coaching institute to go with.I went and asked Dr Rajeswari Mam where she was going to be and she said uMedico and I chose uMedico classes and today I know that I had made the right choice.I would like to thank Dr Gowtam Sir too , he knew every nook and corner of the Surgery subject and saved me from all the dicey traps in the exam.

Dr Priyanka Jain, Lucknow

Preparation for an exam like NEETPG is very demanding, physically as well as mentally. There were many occasions where I had given up hope . But Dr Murali Bharadwaz sir believed in me , uMedico believed in me when I didn’t believe in me……. I ll be eternally thankful to them .

Dr Syed Akthar, New Delhi